Is That Fair Trade?

Does your know-it-all, hipster roommate drone on and on each month about the cost of their half of the Spotify subscription? Shut them up with this vintage RCA radio from our upcoming auction on August 9th and never have to endure an “It’s Lit, Fam” playlist every again.

Carved Carnival Game Heads

Unique collection of 14 Danish carnival heads. Each is hand carved and hand painted with different whimsical facial expressions. From mid 1800’s Gallery game at the world famous Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park in Copenhagen Denmark. Second oldest Amusement Park in the world. Heads and character figures from 1800s purchased in England. Highly collectible, rare and unusual. Some wear to each from usage as shooting gallery targets Each head hinged to fall back when struck. Believe circa mid 1800s first gallery game. Originally purchased as set of 14 in England for $15,000 GBP and brought to the Greenwich Estate.